Amsterdam Canal Boat Hire

Looking for the best Amsterdam Canal Boat Hire? Then book an affordable private boat tour with Rederij Prinsengracht. For these private boat cruise, we have boats available for smaller groups (up to 12 people) as well as larger boats which can host up to 66 people. Either way, breath-taking views and a unique experience are guaranteed!

A boat tour with mass-touristic companies does not compare to a cruise with Rederij Prinsengracht. Our classic boats have character, are equipped with affluent and modern facilities while remaining representative to Dutch heritage.

There are even more benefits:

  • You can determine your own cruising route, as well as your preferred boarding and disembark locations /points.
  • No headphone hassles, 20 different languages, wires etc… At Rederij Prinsengracht our experienced helmsmen tell all the stories.
  • An open bar is included in all our standard packages, so you immediately know where you stand.
  • Starting at the low price of €32.50 per person including an open bar.
Boot huren grachten Amsterdam - Rederij Prinsengracht
Salonboot huren Amsterdam doe je bij Rederij Prinsengracht
Salonboot huren Amsterdam sunset

Welcome to the Amsterdam Canal Boat Hire

We have compiled several packages for the perfect private boat hire in Amsterdam. Of course we can also provide you with a tailor made package, you can let us know in your request.


Hire a Boat in Amsterdam the way you want it!

Every boat trip in Amsterdam is different. The most important thing is the atmosphere on board. We have a good variety of packages available, but experience shows that it’s even better to exchange ideas beforehand for private canal tours in Amsterdam. We do our best to help and support you and your wishes to ensure a successful boat trip. You’re happy – We’re happy. Do you have a company outing coming up or are you going for a casual boat trip through Amsterdam? Or do you want to organise a boat trip for your bachelor/bachelorette party along the canals? It’s all possible at Rederij Prinsengracht. During the boat trip the “captain at your service” is indeed at our service. We also rent our classic boats for private canal tours in Amsterdam per hour or in combination with a package, where the rental price is already included.

Populair Occasions

The 7 guarantees of Rederij Prinsengracht

Your experience will be arranged however you prefer it.

Aside from this, there are a number of guarantees from Rederij Prinsengracht.

  • Cruise with a smile. Local helmsmen and great hostesses.
  • A boarding location of your choice
  • All modern facilities on board (including lavatories/WC’s, a sound system with microphone(s), 220 volts, heating for the winter months, large open windows and a deck for in the summer)
  • Lowest prices & no reservation costs
  • Bad weather guarantee: the roof can be both opened and closed
  • Your wishes and requests are vital and central.
  • An unforgettable experience along the Amsterdam canals!


Send in a quote request and we will arrange your ideal cruise!