Boat Delphine

Boat Delphine has been finished with teak paneling and is provided with nice cosy cushions. A luxury boat built in the style of the beginning of last century: 1915. It’s a true “Gentleman’s Launch”. This boat can be sailed in summer and winter, as the red-white roof can be opened up completely. Furthermore, there are heaters in the boat.

From € 220,- per hour

Information Boat Delphine

This beautiful private classic boat is perfect for any occasion with up to 12 persons. A canal cruise with drinks, a wedding, a business meeting, family day; you name it, Delphine does it. What makes this boat unique is that the roof can be taken off completely when the weather allows it. Furthermore, in winter, the boat will be heated.
You can sail through the smallest canals of Amsterdam with this boat, where tour boats can not cruise due to the low bridges.

Unique history of the  Gentleman’s Launch Delphine

The Delphine was built in 1915 at the Stofberg shipyard in Mijdrecht. When she was launched was given the name Caramba. Now renamed Delphine. The first owner was Mr. Teupken from The Hague. He was also chairman of the Dutch Motorboot Club. He had deployed the Caramba to serve the Red Cross during the First World War. After a number of wanderings, the Caramba ended up in Amsterdam and was renamed Delphine.

So why do they call it a lauch?

Originally a launch or a long-boat was the biggest boat carried by a warship or merchant vessel. The word comes from the Spanish word “lancha”(“barge”) and was derived from “lancar” (velocity without effort)

  • Drinks – up to 12 persons
  • Marriage proposal
  • Sail through the small canals!
  • Meetings
  • Private company
1 h€ 220,00
1,5 h€ 310,50
2 h€ 400,00
2,5 h€ 490,00
3 h€ 580,00
3,5 h€ 670,00
4 h€ 760,00
Extra half hour€  90,00

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The 7 guarantees of Rederij Prinsengracht

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Aside from this, there are a number of guarantees from Rederij Prinsengracht.

  • Cruise with a smile. Local helmsmen and great hostesses.
  • A boarding location of your choice
  • All modern facilities on board (including lavatories/WC’s, a sound system with microphone(s), 220 volts, heating for the winter months, large open windows and a deck for in the summer)
  • Lowest prices & no reservation costs
  • Bad weather guarantee: the roof can be both opened and closed
  • Your wishes and requests are vital and central.
  • An unforgettable experience along the Amsterdam canals!


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