Amsterdam Light Festival

Amsterdam Light Festival   2021-2022

The Amsterdam Light Festival exists for 10 years coming edition. And that will be a party. Last year, the public was able to decide which favorite light artworks from the past editions were the most beautiful. Six of these public favorites will be part of the sailing route of a total of 20 light artworks.

Amsterdam Light Festival Cruise

This is a special year for the Amsterdam Light Festival. Namely, it celebrates its 2nd lustrum. What once started with a large Christmas Canal Parade has now turned into a real  light festival. In particular, it is Rederij Prinsengracht that has been the initiator of this Festival.

Packages deals Amsterdam Light Festival

Rondvaart met kerst

Amsterdam Light festival 

Cruise with drinks

  • Cruise with drinks along all the light artworks.
  • Private heated boat with toilet
  • Including drinks, open bar & mulled wine.
  • Extra snacks possible!
  • Duration : 2 hours
  • With music set to the evening
  • Starting from 12 guests
  • Prijs 42,- pp
Amsterdam Light Festival buffet cruise

AmsterdamLight festival 

Buffet Cruise

  • Cruise with drinks
  • With guide along all the light artworks
  • Luxury heated private boat
  • Including drinks, open bar & mulled wine.
  • Multiple buffets possible
  • Duration : 2 hours
  • With music set to the event.
  • Starting from 12 guests
  • Price: Depend on the choice of buffet
Amsterdam Light Festival Dinner Cruise

Amsterdam Light festival 

Dinner Cruise

  • 3 or 4 course diner
  • Classic laid table.
  • At Christmas with Christmas laid table
  • Luxury private boat
  • Heated & with toilet
  • 10 tot 16 persons
  • Excluding drinks, Choice in wine
  • Duration : starting from 2,5 uur.
  • Price 3 course diner from 100,- pp
Christmas Party Amsterdam Light Festival

Amsterdam Light festival 

Christmas Cruise

  • Christmas Cruise with drinks
  • Heated private boat with toilet.
  • Including drinks, open bar & mulled wine.
  • Extra snacks  possible!
  • Duration : 2 hours.
  • Can be extended!Ask for price
  • With Christmas Carols
  • Boat set to christmas dressing
  • Ideal for private party
  • Price 42,- pp
Amsterdam Light Festival Christmas Party

Amsterdam Light festival 

Christmas party & “Silent Disco” 

  • See all the art light works.
  • Part with Silent Disco 
  • Luxury private boat
  • Heated with toilet
  • Including drinks, open bar & mulled wine.
  • Dress to impress to Christmas
  • Duration : 2 hours or more
  • With music set to the event
  • Starting from 12 person
  • Price: in consultation
Amsterdam Light festival Oude en Nieuw feest

Amsterdam Light festival 

New years Eve

  • Enjoy new years eve on the Canals!
  • See the fireworks.
  • With Silent Disco
  • Luxury private boat
  • Heated with toilet
  • Up to 35 persons
  • See all the light art objects
  • Excluding drinks, wijnkeuze in overleg
  • Duration : in consultation
  • Price : give us a call
  • Mocht je met minder gasten willen komen dan het voorstelde aantal mensen. Neem dan even contact met ons op middels het offerte formulier. Tenslotte kunnen wij altijd met een passende oplossing komen. 

Enjoy the Light Festival

You can view the Light Festival in two ways. From the water or from the shore. In our opinion it is the most beautiful from the water. Rederij Prinsengracht has various classic luxury heated  boats for which we have put together various package deals. You can rent a private  boat from us as well as buy tickets for a shared outing.

We also support the Amsterdam Light Festival by making a contribution per person to the Festival. We do not only do this through a contribution. Rederij Prinsengracht was also the initiator in 2009 and can therefore tell you a lot about this light festival.

Amsterdam Light Festival route

We have put together a beautiful route for this special light festival . One with which you can see all the light artworks . Moreover, this year promises to be a special edition. On the right you will find the map where all light artworks can be found. Whether you go by boat or on foot.

The route will mainly run via the Amstel, Nieuwe Herengracht and the Entrepotdok. More information will follow.

Our heated Luxury Gentleman’s Launches

Salonboot Avanti tijdens het Amsterdam Light Festival

Gentleman’s launch Avanti

  • See all the light artworks with guide un to 35 persons
  • Private boat with heating and toilet
  • Of course with microphone and music
  • Silent disco is a possibility
  • For nice private gathering , diner, buffet or company outing
Amsterdam Light Festival buffet cruise

Gentleman’s Launch Delphine

  • See all teh light artworks up t0 10 personen
  • Luxury private boat & with guide
  • Heated boat 
  • For intimate gathering, dinner of proposal
  • With music on request
  • If you want to book with fewer guests than the suggested number of people? Please contact us via the quotation form. Finally, we can always come up with a suitable solution.

History Amsterdam Light Festival

The roots of the Amsterdam Light Festival date back to 2009. Vincent Horbach, owner of Rederij Prinsengracht, is inspired by the Winterfest in Fort Lauderdale in Florida. A beautiful festival of lights in the warm Florida waters around Christmas. In Amsterdam nothing happened during the winter. All events took place in the summer. And Amsterdam is so beautiful in winter.

Initiators Vincent Horbach and Henk Jan Buchel

In 2009 Vincent contacts Henk Jan Buchel. They then take the initiative for the first  Christmas Canal Parade. The decor is magical this year. The city is covered in snow, it’s Christmas Eve and the canals are full of people.

Winter Magic Amsterdam.

But the gentlemen want more and see the potential for the city. The festival empowers solidarity! In Christmas times it displays a beautiful view of  the city. That is why in 2010 Felix Gutmann is brought in as reinforcement to bring the event to maturity. A second edition then take places in 2010.  With more emphasis  on artistic light art. The name of the multi-day event will be changed to WINTER MAGIC AMSTERDAM. Firstly, there is the Christmas Canal parade again, and boats are highlighted by well-known artists. Secondly, various buildings and bridges are artistically highlighted for a longer period of time.

Start Amsterdam Light Festival

In 2011, during the height of the crisis, it was decided to cancel the festival. In the meantime, these “three founding fathers” use the time to make adjustments. And with that, the Amsterdam Light Festival started in 2012. A festival name under which all winter activities can be bundled together. Attention is shifted from entertainment on the boats to artistic light art along the canals.

FAQ – Frequent asked questions

When is the Amsterdam Light Festival?

From 2 December 2021 till 23 Januari 2022. In the kids of winter

Hopefully we have mild weather! Nevertheless, we have well-heated luxury saloon boats. We also serve a nice free glass of warm mulled wine.

Where can we get on and off the boat?

You can join us anywhere. But in consultation. Take a look at our map with pick-up and drop-off locations. Perhaps there is an ideal location for you!

Where is the Light Festival in the canal?

It’s on the east side of Amsterdam. Near the river Amstel. see our map

Can we have a private boat for this Festival?

Yes it is certainly possible. Take a look at our private saloon boats for rent. Fully equipped and very luxurious. In addition, they are heated! As well as a toilet!

We just want to buy a single ticket. So not private! Is that possible as well?

Yes that is possible. Just book our boat Delphine

What is the general message or theme of this festival?

Celebrate Light – We are celebrating 10 years of  Amsterdam Light Festival.

Is smoking allowed on the boats?

This is possible in consultation with other group members. If it is not a private group (a single ticket) then it is not possible.

Is it possible to have drinks or snacks on the boat?

Everything is possible. After all, we have various arrangements. Get in touch and let us know!

What about Covid? What can we expect and which regulations are in place?

That’s a difficult one. Right now we have only one. We have to check your QR code or covid testing proof. If there are new measures, we will mention them here. We also put cleaning soap on board. We also have protocol not to shake hands. Finally, if the weather permits, we will open a number of windows.