Funeral by Boat Amsterdam

A funeral by boat in Amsterdam via water is a personal, intimate moment. In a beautiful way, we provide the opportunity for a suitable farewell. On board tea and coffee is served and everyone can be close to their dearly departed. This can be customized to suit both small and large groups. The funeral along water is a completely different experience than a funeral on shore and may be honoured and appreciated in different ways by different people.

Beautiful Funeral by Boat in Amsterdam?

A funeral by boat is a special event. It gives family and friends the opportunity to part ways with their dearly departed in a beautiful way to his/her final resting place. From the house on the canal, or from the church by near the nearest dock. We ensure an intimate and beautiful ambiance, creating the special atmosphere you wish for. We specialize in funeral transport via the canals in the city centre of Amsterdam.

Amsterdam has a number of cemeteries located along the water.

A condition for and suitable funeral services by boat is the presence of well-maintained docks, so that the passengers and coffin can disembark properly in cooperation with the cemetery and/or undertaker.

  • Cemetery Zorgvlied Amsterdam
  • Cemetery Beth Haim Ouderkerk aan de Amstel
  • Cemetery the New Noorder Amsterdam
Funeral by boat amsterdam

Scatteering ashes from a Boat

We increasingly receive requests regarding the scattering of ashes in the canals of Amsterdam. This is a possibility we can cater to from our saloon boats. You may determine the location and we will sail you there. Together we can plan and determine the direction of the ceremony.

In general, you are allowed to scatter ashes anywhere on public water such as at the IJ, or on the Amstel as long as it is private. However, you must report this scattering formally. This can be done in consultation with us, the cemetery or the crematorium. Of course, the undertaker usually guides this process.

Light Evening Zorgvlied

Every Christmas Eve, the Zorgvlied cemetery is beautifully lit and a traditional light evening is organized. During this special opening when the entire cemetery is beautifully lit, warm chocolate milk is served. That is why it is a great way, especially just before Christmas, to commemorate your departed loved ones. There are surprises for children attending, candles and Christmas sobs that can be purchased at the cemetery.



Due to the large turnout, there is often traffic and delays when parting. Rederij Prinsengracht offers the possibility to visit this light evening from the city by a boat trip on the water to avoid this and of course, we also include a return trip.

The 7 guarantees of Rederij Prinsengracht

Your experience will be arranged however you prefer it.

Aside from this, there are a number of guarantees from Rederij Prinsengracht.

  • Cruise with a smile. Local helmsmen and great hostesses.
  • A boarding location of your choice
  • All modern facilities on board (including lavatories/WC’s, a sound system with microphone(s), 220 volts, heating for the winter months, large open windows and a deck for in the summer)
  • Lowest prices & no reservation costs
  • Bad weather guarantee: the roof can be both opened and closed
  • Your wishes and requests are vital and central.
  • An unforgettable experience along the Amsterdam canals!


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