Rent a boat in Amsterdam

Looking to rent a boat in Amsterdam? Look no further! At Rederij Prinsengracht you can hire a boat for any occasion. We have put together a variety of packages for you to choose from but we are more than happy to take on any special requests. Also, we guarantee the most affordable prices to rent a boat in Amsterdam!

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Boat rent in Amsterdam

Rent a Boat in Amsterdam: Package Combination

At Rederij Prinsengracht you can rent a boat in Amsterdam for any occasion. Do you have a company outing coming up soon and want to rent a classic boat for this? Or would you like to organise a bachelor/bachelorette party along the beautiful canals of Amsterdam? Whichever the occasion, it’s all possible with Rederij Prinsengracht. Breath-taking views and a unique experience are guaranteed! Of course, it is also possible to rent a classic boat without a special occasion at an hourly rate. This option can however still also be combined with the package offerings. In that case the rental price is included, for example, with a bite to eat and drinks.


Rent a Boat in Amsterdam for any occasion!

Our classic boats are part of the maritime sailing heritage of the Netherlands and present an authentic historical feel. These boats used to be the Mega Yachts of their time with grand appearances for the higher classes. Equipped with modern facilities but preserving a charming, classical cruise experience. To fully understand why renting this boat is such a great experience in the canals for Amsterdam, have a look through our package offerings.

Populair Occasions

The 7 guarantees of Rederij Prinsengracht

Your experience will be arranged however you prefer it.

Aside from this, there are a number of guarantees from Rederij Prinsengracht.

  • Cruise with a smile. Local helmsmen and great hostesses.
  • A boarding location of your choice
  • All modern facilities on board (including lavatories/WC’s, a sound system with microphone(s), 220 volts, heating for the winter months, large open windows and a deck for in the summer)
  • Lowest prices & no reservation costs
  • Bad weather guarantee: the roof can be both opened and closed
  • Your wishes and requests are vital and central.
  • An unforgettable experience along the Amsterdam canals!


Send in a quote request and we will arrange your ideal cruise!