Why should I choose Rederij Prinsengracht?

It’s quite simple: Rederij Prinsengracht is the best, most flexible and affordable boat rental company in Amsterdam. We guarantee an authentic cruise experience, which you can arrange according to your wishes. Also, we have the lowest price guarantee!

What are the cancellation conditions?
Do you have 220V on board?

Yes, our saloon boat Avanti has 220V on board. With that you’re able to, for example, charge phones, use a beamer or connect a TV.

Does sending a quotation request involve obligations afterwards?

No. The sending of a quotation form is fully cost-free and non-committal.

I don’t see the package that I would like. What can I do?

In addition to the various packages that we offer, we also believe offer customization. That is why you can put together your own package. You can indicate your wishes on the quotation form.

Where can I board/disembark?

You can board and disembark our boats at several of locations across Amsterdam. A full list of all boarding locations can be found here.

It looks like it will be bad weather, what do I do now?

Our saloon boat Avanti is the only classic saloon boat in Amsterdam where the roof and sides can be fully opened and closed. Everything can be closed in bad weather. With good weather, of course, everything is open.

Is your question not listed here? Do not hesitate to contact us. You can also ask your question via the quote request form below.