Lunch Canal Cruise Amsterdam

A Lunch Canal Cruise is a unique way to see Amsterdam and enjoy a more extensive and delicious lunch along the way. You’ll sail through the beautiful canals of Amsterdam. During that private boat tour a lunch is served; luxury sandwiches, but also an extensive three-course lunch is a possible option. This is possible from the Amstel Hotel and a few other top restaurants in Amsterdam. You can choose a beautifully set table or, for example, or an informal sandwich lunch with some side salads.

Let us know what lunch setting you prefer, formal or informal, so that we can put together the Lunch Canal Cruise that best suits your expectations.

A Canal Cruise In Amsterdam With Lunch?

We work together with a number of carefully selected restaurants that meet our quality requirements. We consider them partners to our company. Therefore, the offerings may vary. From very luxurious and refined to simple but comforting food.


We take into consideration any special wishes you may have, have a look at our menu offerings and what we offer regarding special dietary wishes.


Everything is brought fresh on board just before or during the cruise.

Lunch Canal Cruise Amsterdam | Rederij Prinsengracht

The 7 guarantees of Rederij Prinsengracht

Your experience will be arranged however you prefer it.

Aside from this, there are a number of guarantees from Rederij Prinsengracht.

  • Cruise with a smile. Local helmsmen and great hostesses.
  • A boarding location of your choice
  • All modern facilities on board (including lavatories/WC’s, a sound system with microphone(s), 220 volts, heating for the winter months, large open windows and a deck for in the summer)
  • Lowest prices & no reservation costs
  • Bad weather guarantee: the roof can be both opened and closed
  • Your wishes and requests are vital and central.
  • An unforgettable experience along the Amsterdam canals!


Send in a quote request and we will arrange your ideal cruise!